Hi there, my name is Dena! 👋🏻

I am a senior at the University of Washington studying Human Centered Design & Engineering (HCDE).

📍 product designer @ ESPN

I want to create designs that improve peoples lives. 🖥

As designers, we have a responsibility to advocate for our users, and make sure that we are solving the right problems in the right spaces. This means adopting the need for inclusive and accessible design in all parts of the process.

*The image on the left is from Microsoft's Project Emma. This project hit close to home and drove my interest in the field of HCI and accessible design.

I want to be a visual storyteller. 🎥

Design is a creative but also technically challenging way to advocate for others. That means sharing people stories and curating an experience that is inclusive and representative. I hope to apply my design skills one day into documentary filmmaking- there are so many stories to be told and experiences to be shared.

*The image on the right is the poster to one of my favorite films called "The Florida Project". Creating a film through the lens of children and their experiences is a whole new level of storytelling.

I love learning new things. ✏️

I am always trying to learn something new. Whether that be a new language, code, animation, photography interaction/motion design- I try to experiment and explore new things. Even if I am not the best at some things, staying curious is what brings me joy in life, and at least I tried!

*The image on the left is from a short film I worked on this last year called "Eleanor". This was one of the shots I rendered!

When I am not designing I'm...

🏃🏻  Working Out
🖥  Watching Ted Talks
✏️  Teaching/ Mentoring
✈️ Traveling/ Exploring

Feel free to reach out to me, I love meeting new people!

 📧 denasabha@gmail.com

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